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"I don't say this very often, but that's world-class, professional studio sound."

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Jonathon's custom crafted, Super Space-age Samurai, professional studio has a noise floor of -65db to -70db, with no expander/gate. There's no reverb, bass buildup or "room ring".


  • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Neumann TLM-103
  • AKG C-214
  • Furman power conditioners
  • SSL & Focusrite interfaces
  • Presonus Monitors
  • Mogami pro grade cabling


  • MacBook Pro - M1 (Monterey)
  • MacBook Pro - i9 (Monterey)
  • Mac Pro - 12 core (Mojave)
  • iMac - i5 (Monterey)
  • Synology - 14Tb NAS (Raid 10)
  • Adobe Audition CC (iZotope/Waves)
  • Audio loop back for playback during remote sessions


  • Source Connect: jonathongrant
  • ipDTL
  • ISDN (bridge)
  • Zoom (w/ original sound)
  • Skype
  • VOIP
  • Gigabit commercial grade network


Humble bragging follows...

Jonathon is that person you see on the freeway, chatting away and carrying on with nobody else in the car! Except, he's not singing along. He's off in his own world, mimicking commercials, promos and imaging. It's something he's done his entire life. Jonathon always wanted to be "that guy", and now he is!

As a serial Entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in corporate America, Jonathon has had countless opportunities in public speaking and group training. Have a listen to the demos above, so you can decide if his voice is right for your project. We would say more, but you're here for the demos, so...


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+1 863-738-3022
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